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How Do You Become a Really Good Daughter?

I pick up the electric shaver. “I don’t want to hurt you,” I say to my Dad. I’ve never shaved a man before.

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When Retirement Means Cramped Quarters

My husband Randy and I are a good team. And yet, as we’ve both adjusted over the past year to his early retirement, and him being home all the time, I see now how different we are.

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How Dogs Can Teach Us To Stay Chill In This Insane World

Don’t we all feel turmoil in the air? There’s too much happening, too fast. The planet seems scarier and more chaotic than ever.

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Who Are The 8 Girlfriends You Need?

Where would we be without our friends? Let’s face it, as we grow older we need them more than ever. Yes, we love our spouses and family, but there’s something about a girlfriend that helps us see life differently.

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If Our Bed Could Talk, it Would Tell a Family Tale

Don’t worry, this is not going to be some kinky “tell-all.” But you know when you can’t put something off any longer?

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The Countdown to 60 Begins … And I’m Fine With it … Really, I’m Fine … Gulp

Getting to this stage feels like entering a new level of education, the “School of Later Years.” If 90-somethings are the dignified seniors, then we 60-somethings are the brash freshmen.

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